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Tulungagung Tourism Object


Written by Efendi Monday, 01 February 2010 23:16

1. Regions Lawean Penampehan Sendang

Water tejun Lawean one Tulungagung District tourism potential in the hamlet Turi, Geger village, district Sendang approximately 25 km west of the City of Tulungagung, part of Willis with a high slope approximately 1200 m above sea level.

To get to the location had to walk about 3 km through the beautiful panorama of hills and nine times across the river in the virgin forest. High waterfall approximately 100 m Terraces and branching. He who bathe in this waterfall in yakna locals will recover from the illness. Myth "Roro Mbok Goddess Ganga", "Mbok Roro Cemethi", "Mbok Roro Willis" and "Endang Roro Mbok Sampur" in trust as ruler of the waterfall.

On the other hand is still in the area there Sendang Pandan Wangi waterfalls, waterfall height approximately 30 m in one area with tea plantation in the village of Pandan Source Ngelurup.
Because the typical path to this object, up, down, slippery, steep, and through the bush, it is very suitable for tourism climbers and nature lovers. In a waterfall environment to grow orchids.

Not far from there Lawean waterfall temple in the village Penampehan Geger Sendang District. To the temple to be on the go with a four-wheeled vehicles. Temple Terrace Building protected ancient Kalpataru Pohan. Plate inscription of King Balitung adad IX mentions the statue "Holy Kili," "Asmoro Wake", patung'padi ", Tirta Amrita" is believed to cure diperca disease berbegai Tek Tan Sue Cave, lodging Argo Willis' Genceng, "and fruit duriah" pickpocket "complete object to impress in the region Sendang Lawean Penampehan.

2. Wonorejo Dam Area
Dam 15.000m/detik Wonorejo with debit function as power generation, irrigation, water sports and recreation, located in the village Mulyosari, Wonorejo villages, and villages Kedungcangkring, Pagerwojo District approximately 15km from the city to the west Tulungagung.
In this area gazebo equipped, Home stay, park, parking, fishing, speet boath, inns and traditional art pemintasan
In this on environmental many durian fruit crops. It is said that this reservoir meruypakan largest reservoirs in Southeast Asia.

3. Popoh Coast
Located in the southern city of approximately 28km Tulungagung, can
on travel by public transportation. On the beautiful beach is equipped with popoh souvenirs, kids games, lodging, fish markets, marine tourism, and some great places to fish. Every month suro (Muharam) on hold uapaca "Labuh Semboyo". Still in the area can enjoy popoh attractions "Reco Sewu" and the open sea. Along the way there popoh Onix stone craft as a unique souvenir Tulungagung we can have. In the Coast region when using a motor Popoh Both can browse Sidem beach, Klatak, Gemah and Bayeman.

4. "Sine" Mtahari Sunrise Beach
characteristic of this beach is almost every morning if the weather can be seen to support directly the sun rises on the high seas. The beach is located in the hamlet of Sine, Kalibatur Village, District KALIDAWIR approximately 35km to the south of the city Tulungagung. Sine is a broad sandy beach awaits tourists sunbathing ready themselves.

5. Klatak
In Tulungagung District there are several other beaches include: Molang Beach, Beach Dlodo, Brumbun Beach, Beach Gerangan ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. all of which are in the area Smudra Indies (Indonesia)



Last Updated on Monday, 01 February 2010 23:16 Written by Efendi Monday, 25 January 2010 22:02

Tulungagung District is a district located in East Java province, Indonesia. Tulungagung known as one of the few marble-producing areas in Indonesia, and is located 154 km southwest of Surabaya, the capital of East Java Province.

Initially, Tulungagung only a small area located in the vicinity which is now the city center (main square). The place is called Tulungagung since it is a major source of water - in the Kawi language, tulung means spring, and the grand mean of -. Wider region called Ngrowo. Ngrowo name was used until around the early twentieth century, when the displacement of the capital center to Kalangbret Tulungagung.


popohActually, Tulungagung has a lot of tourism potential that can be relied upon as a source of local revenue. Unfortunately, a lot of potential for tourism that has not worked well by the Government of Tulungagung District. However, the tourism industry is growing Tulungagung tourist mainstay Popoh Beach, located in District Besuki.

Tulungagung benefit from the geographical position of being on the edge of the Indian Ocean, which has many attractive beaches to visit, but Popoh Beach, among Sidem Beach, Brumbun Beach, Beach Sine, Molang Beach, Beach Klatak, Gerangan Beach, and Beach Dlodo.

In addition to beach tourism object, Tulungagung also has other natural tourist attractions, including Waterfall Lawean in District Sendang, Coban Campurdarat Nature in District, Cave Selomangleng in District Boyolangu, and Sand Cave in District Sumbergempol. In the north Tulungagung, natural tourist attraction is the famous Pesanggarahan Argo Wilis, Penampean Tea Plantation, and Wonorejo Dam.
Cultural Tourism

Tulungagung has some unique art that can be used as a magnet to lift tourism Tulungagung, including:

  • Jaranan sentherewe
  • Reog Kendang
  • Tiban
  • Firearm
  • Kentrung
  • Manten cat
  • Langen Beksan

Art jaranan and percussion reog even got wide support from the majority of Tulungagung to grow and progress.

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History of East Java


East Java Province is one of Indonesia with 38 regencies / cities in it, where each regency / city that has a unique and diverse tourism potential and unique. Natural wealth and cultural communities do not lose when compared with the provinces in Indonesia.

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