Bahrain National Team

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Name of the team : Bahrain National Team
Country : Bahrain Bahrain

The Bahrain national team has been to the tour of east Java tour on several occasions and will to outperform previous years by fighting for the GC shirt. The team relies on the experience of Sayed Ahmed Khalil, Mansoor Mohamed and Taha Alawi.

The Bahrain riders have finished a few top ten finishes in the Asian Championships and continue to be present in the UCI Asia circuit. Recently, the team competed in several tours including Jelajah Malaysia and Tour of Morocco.

Titular Rider:

  1. Mohamed, Mansoor(BRN19870917)
  2. Husain, Makki (BRN1993)
  3. Ayoob, Isa  (BRN19930314)
  4. Khalil, Sayed Ahmed (BRN19871230)
  5. Alawi, Taha (BRN19861231)

Replacement Rider:

  1. Ali, Abdulla
  2. Salman, Ali

team manager(s) at the event:

  1. Ahmed, Nagi
  2. Husain, Mohamed
  3. Hasan, Mansoor